How long does the project last for? 
Four years, from S1 - S4

Is this a school team?
No. It is not a 'squad' project; it is an individual development programme. Performance School pupils can trial for their school team just as other pupils can.

Do they have to be signed by a senior club? 
No. We expect a high number of pupils in the programme to be signed by a senior club but this will not prevent players from other clubs being accepted on to the programme. It is about recruiting the best players, no matter what club they play for.

Do they all go into the same classes?
No. Many schools split the pupils up into different classes to encourage interaction with other pupils at the school.

What subjects do they drop?
This will depend upon how the school chooses to structure the timetable. This could range from a complete subject to part of five subjects (one period of each subject per week). More details will be provided at the school information evening. 

Do the pupils get kit and equipment?
Yes. Pupils will receive clothing provided free of charge by the Scottish FA. Coaching staff will provide equipment such as balls, bibs and markers. Pupils will need to provide appropriate footwear.

Will the performance school impact schoolwork? 
It is the responsibility of each pupil to manage his or her workload. Pupils will be fully supported throughout the duration of the programme by coaches, teachers and head teachers. The normal guidance system at the school will operate to support all pupils on the programme. 

Evidence from the last four years has shown that Performance School pupils do very well at school; with attendance and achievement rates higher than the school norm.

Will I be kept informed of their progress?
Yes. A half-term performance report is provided. Other progress updates at parents' evenings and report cards would be conducted as normal through the school. 

How will training for Performance School and Club impact pupils? 
The physical demands placed on pupils within the performance schools are minimal, with the emphasis on technical development. There is some focus on physical development of players; however there will be no intense conditioning programmes. If a player is showing signs of fatigue, parents and players would be consulted. 

How qualified are the coaches?
The seven Performance Youth Coaches are Scottish FA licensed, with years of experience of working with youth players. All coaches are employed on a full-time basis by the Scottish FA and based within each selected school.

Can I contact the coach?
Yes. The course has been created for complete transparency and we encourage direct contact with coaches.

How much does the programme cost?
The project is supported by partners of the programme. The only costs for parents will be travelling expenses to and from school and providing appropriate footwear. In some circumstances the Scottish FA may contribute to expenses. More information will be provided at the information evening.

What happens after submitting an application?
You will be contacted by e-mail to let you know the details of the selection time and date in your area. If your child is successful they will go through to the second trial in February and then finally a third trial in March. If successful at this stage you will be invited to the school for a parents evening and discussion on the programme and only then will any final decisions will be made to offer a place on the Performance School programme. This will be normally the first week in April.